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  • Interior Design Studio in Los Angeles Essential Oil Room
    100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
    Peppermint Oil, Lavender, Theives, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Frankincense Oil
    For Health and Wellness
    Diffuse or Apply as directed
    From Seed to Seal, young living essential oils

    Essential Oil Room where you get the best products for your family
  • Essential Oil Singles
    100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
    Essential Oils for Health and Wellnes
    Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Blue Spruce, Peppermint
    Essential Oils have been used to reduce inflammation
    for stress, for rest
    Grown from seed to seal is our promise.
    Natural and healthy
  • Essential Oil Blends
    Specially formulated essential oil blends that are just right for you.
    This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities.
    It is highly effective in supporting the immune system
    Brain Power™ gives your brain a boost with essential oils that are high in sesquiterpenes.
    Highest Potential™ is an exotic blend designed to increase your capacity to achieve your highest potential
    Inner Child™ opens the pathway to connecting with the inner self that may have been damaged through childhood misuse or abuse.
    PanAway® was created by Gary Young following a severe injury to the ligaments in his leg. Containing wintergreen essential oil, which is often used for massage
  • Aromatherapy and Massage
    The essential oil blends in our massage oils have the power to restore mind, body, and spirit.
    Raindrop Technique® combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body.
    Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress and Marjoram.
    Valor® and Aroma Seiz™ Ortho Ease Massage Oil soothes and warms tired and stressed bodies, helping to combat the damaging effects of everyday activities.
    With a calming blend of Young Living essential oils, Ortho Ease will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Welcome to Essential Oil Room

Find out more about Young Living Essential Oils  

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are the foundation of everything Young Living does

Young Living essential oil collection

Young Living offers products in four categories

Essential Oils

Young Living carries a variety of essential oils and essential oil blends as well as roll-ons massage oils and collections.

Lavender essential oil Frankincense essential oil Theives essential oil blend Highest Potential essential oil blend Egyptian Gold essential oil blend

Healthy and Fit

Young Living has carefully crafted a line of essential oils, all-natural vitamins, and product solutions designed to support a balanced, healthy life.

Oral Care Core Supplements Weight Management

At Home

Being surrounded by all things healthy, natural, and non-toxic.   From the cleaning products you use to the toothpaste in your bathroom cabinet, your home is the place where total wellness begins.

Theives Home Products Everyday essential Oils Golden Touch essential oils

Personal Care

Beauty Products such as skin care and hair care without toxic chemicals containing all natural ingredients infused with essential oils.

Theives Home Products Lavender Shampoo Sheerlume Anti-Aging Cream